Here are our future works, not necessarily in that order.


WRomanus is writing down all his ZP Zabriskie Point research from the start.

It will appear on its own page of this site.


 We are working to the MQR's Total Zabriskie Point of View - The Box, mainly to the movie completely scored by Pink Floyd.

The Lost Album, the Complete Collection and the Live ZP song CD will be redone as well.

The whole Box will be available for real old good ZP fans sometime in 2016. 

We intend to restore the Roma 1971 show.


We are thinking to work on Boeblingen '72.


}{eywood is working on a reconstruction/expansion of Genesis' Three Sides Live album that will contain every song played on both tours the album was made from, along with all of Phil's dialogue and stories that weren't used on the official release.


Hopefully One Of These Days we are going to finish the work on box set that deal with Pink Floyd's connection to London's Rainbow Theatre.

We knew about new uncirculated sources for all the 4 shows of Feb. '72....


We also are thinking to a project compiling and reworking/remixing Acoustic Jethro Tull songs...