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After a long work the Zabriskie Point movie DVD Special Edition by MQR is ready. All the soundtrack scored by Pink Floyd. Trailer and Teaser fully restored and 5 Bonus with Alternate Music. Available for close friends only. Further details in the MQR Works Section.



Pink Floyd - 370 Roman Yards - Remaster 2014 - MQR 001Rem

 Available for a few fans from the 1st December 2014, TOTALLY RENEWED 3,5 years after the first basic version. Further details in the MQR Works Section.


Available for fans the newest }{eywood's remix-project Forever and Ever, a mashup of The Division Bell and The Endless River. See in the Solo Projects Section.



The Endless River release! }{eywood on it already.



In the last day of the year it's available for fans the }{eywood's remix-project to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon: The Power of the Dark Side



MQR makes available for old fans Rolf's Pepperland Bomb as a tribute to Rolf Ossenberg in the anniversary of his passing away.

Pink Floyd at Pepperland Auditorium 16th October 1970 (not 17th, wrong date)



Ready for fans the }{eywood project : Delicate Sound of Thunder - The Complete 1987 - 1988 World Tour with all the songs performed.



Our WRomanus shares again The Best of Tour '72 - Completed and Restored, made with our }{eywood years ago.



Our creamcheese taped and makes available for fans in both CD and high resolution the Steve Wilson show in Essen of 22nd of March 2013.



MQR dedicates to Rolf (R.I.P.) its biggest work, A Total Zabriskie Point of View



Rolf (Ossi - grolsch) is gone. We honor him.



MQR announces the availability of ROMAYYAD Rev.A, the Revision of the first TMoQ Omayyad release Remaking.


2012-10-22 ad 26

MQR announces the availability of Cosmos Topper in High Resolution, DVD-A and Flac 24/96.

DVD-A has own artwork


and the 24/96 raw files used to make Cosmos Topper.

We only Speed Corrected.



In the shops the book by Lunatics Pink Floyd: Stories and Secrets

Our WRomanus _deeply involved_ in the Zabriskie Point chapter.

He wrote that chapter absolutely for free.

For the first time in 40 years, a book about Pink Floyd is telling something really new about that story.



Magna Qualitas Records announces the availability of Cosmos Topper - MQR 010.

This minibox (3 CDs) is a Tribute to dj Ted Alvy aka Cosmos Topper with Pink Floyd's music.



Magna Qualitas Records announces the availability of A Total Zabriskie Point Rev.A - The Complete Collection - MQR 005A



100 years from Michelangelo Antonioni's Birth!

Let's celebrate.



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