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Pink Floyd
Forever and Ever - MQR 014


MQR is once again proud to present our newest title, Forever and Ever, a mashup of The Division Bell and The Endless River designed to make The Division Bell less radio-friendly and The Endless River less avant garde. It is intended as a true final Pink Floyd record, an alternate reality version of what should have been released in 1994.

When we first listened to The Endless River we were sadly disappointed by the lack of any sort of actual songs on the record.  Other that Louder Than Words, there was nothing with a traditional song structure to it or lyrics on the record.  We heard  many pieces of things we had heard before, either on bootlegs or on the Colours of Infinity soundtrack, even a piece of the soundscape used as an opening act on the 1994 tour and later released on the P*U*L*SE cassettes.  Being mostly recorded in tandem with The Division Bell it also contained a lot of things similar or duplicated compared to what's on that album.

We see The Division Bell as one of Pink Floyd's better efforts, the first record to sound like a band (rather than a solo album) since Animals. It was, however, a bit heavy on the pop songs.

Both albums are flawed, but after just one listen }{eywood had about 22.6 ideas that led to one big design concept: if the two were combined to form a single long album they might balance each other. So he spent a couple of days investigating the issue, and this is what he came up with.

Influenced by the way The Endless River is broken into four album sides, this is made up of six suites.  Each is separate from the others with the pieces making it up all connected. It's sort of like 6 short album sides, although not as short as the ones on The Endless River.

CD 1

Cluster One
Allons-y 1
Spring '69
Allons-y 2
What Do You Want From Me?
Poles Apart

The Lost Art of Conversation
On Noodle Street
Night Light
Keep Talking
Talkin' Hawkin'
Lost For Words

Eyes to Pearls
Wearing the Inside Out

CD 2

Take It Back
Coming Back To Life

First In Space
Carnival Relations
Louder Than Words
Things Left Unsaid
Ebb & Flow
A Great Day for Freedom

It's What We Do
High Hopes

This is a fanedit, made by fans for fans and should not be used by any stinky, greedy bootlegger to make money with other people‘s work.  It is not intended to infringe on the rights of Pink Floyd or the sales of either of the source albums. On the contrary, if you like this release we at MQR urge you to buy the original albums, in case you don‘t have them already. We also urge you to purchase The Division Bell box set, because it sounds better than ever before.

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Pink Floyd - The Power of the Dark Side - MQR 013 -

The 40th Anniversary Remix

MQR - Magna Qualitas Records presents the newest effort:
The Power of the Dark Side, commemorating the 40th anniversary of Dark Side of the Moon
This album was constructed by request of a couple of people who really liked our Wish You Were Here remix (Ceci nest pas WYWH - MQR-008), and made in 2013 to mark what was heinously overlooked by the record industry, the 40th Anniversary.
The aim of this release is to demonstrate how DSotM could have sounded with more/different instruments/tracks in the mix or with some instruments turned up louder.
The goal was to make a mix that still sounds like a completed album, so there's nothing like the rough mixes or outtakes found in circulation on bootlegs (Time without the guitar solo, for example) in here. 
It's a complete album that maintains the integrity of Dark Side of the Moon, just mixed differently.

01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. The Travel Sequence
04. On The Run
05. Time
06. Breathe (reprise)
07. The Great Gig In The Sky
08. Money
09. Us And Them
10. Any Colour You Like
11. Brain Damage
12. Eclipse

Re-edited in 2013 by }{eywood using the following sources:
Quadrophonic mix - 5.1 mix - Alan Parson's early mix - DVD menu mixes - Audio from screen films - Roger the Hat interview
(the above sources are from the 2011 Immersion box set)
- One Side Of The Moon - The Record Producers BBC special -
Stereo mix as we've all come to know it over the last 40 years
(Japanese black triangle release) - Live At Pompeii.

Project and Re-mix by }{eywood
Artwork by WRomanus

This is a fan-made effort for fans and should not be used by any stinky, greedy bootlegger to make money with other people‘s work.
If you like this work we at MQR urge you to buy the original album, in case you don‘t have it already. If you have it already (and seriously, who doesn't own a copy of Dark Side of the Moon?), we recommend to buy the 2011 remaster as well, because it really sounds awesome.


Available for real fans on March 29, 2013


Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder: The Complete 1987-1988 Tour - MQR 011

Magna Qualitas Records is proud to announce our newest work: A radical reworking of Pink Floyd's Delicate Sound of Thunder.

Delicate Sound of Thunder was a live album released in November 1988 highlighting the return of Pink Floyd after years without a tour. The last actual tour was the Animals tour in 1977 (The Wall tour only played 4 cities, and therefore wasn't really a tour per se). This tour with the newly reconstituted David Gilmour led Pink Floyd was very successful and it was inevitable that a live album and video were spawned by it.

Delicate Sound of Thunder was recorded over five nights at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, New York in August 1988. Because it was released with vinyl as the primary medium, CD being an afterthought, it does not contain the entire set performed at these shows. A companion video, however, contains quite a bit of the material missing from the CD. Unfortunately many of the songs that appeared on the CD were edited on the video making it necessary to have both to get full performances of all the included material.

This is a composite of the audio from both the CD and the LaserDisc releases of the concerts (Delicate Sound of Thunder has never been officially released on DVD) that we've beefed up with some additions to make into a complete show.

As a bonus we've added the five songs that don't exist on any release of Delicate Sound of Thunder ("A New Machine Parts 1 & 2", "Terminal Frost", "Welcome To The Machine" and "Echoes"), the missing 38 seconds of "Signs of Life", and a couple of minutes cut from "On The Run", all sourced from bootleg soundboard recordings, thus completing the setlist. For all the soundboard tapes used many tools were utilized, including stereo sparialization of specific frequency bands, EQ, noise reduction and a few ancient Chinese secrets, to try to match the mix and quality of the official release for seamless integration. We've also enhanced the audience throughout the show because we feel that anyone who attended the North American shows as }{eywood did (he saw 6 of them) knows that the crowds were loud and enthusiastic, and the album does not represent the way it sounded at the actual concerts.

We've also included several bonus tracks that are the original edited versions of songs from the CD and LaserDisc.

We believe that this is a far more faithful representation of the show as it appeared on the 1987-88 tour, one with all the songs and all at their full length. You will never find an official version or a bootleg SBD recording that contains the complete setlist from this tour with this quality, so we hope you enjoy it.

And finally as a late addition we have included scans of the program from the 1988 World Tour. This program was intended to be included from the start, but the internet could not provide decent scans. For these WRomanus called upon a friend, Vitus, to make fresh scans of his program which we have now incorporated into our album package. As a bonus we have created an additional page with scans of WRomanus' ticket stubs. This is because the Roman shows had a unique curiosity: A blank ticket used to get into the parking lot for the show. These were taken by the facility staff, but in the confusion WRomanus managed to keep his. These complete our chronicle of the tour.

Many thanks to Vitus for taking the time to scan the book for us.


This is a fan-made effort for fans and should not be used by any stinky, greedy bootlegger to make money with other people‘s work.
If you like this work we at MQR urge you to buy the original album, in case you don‘t have it already. If you have it already, we recommend to buy the 2011 remaster as well, because it really sounds awesome.



Available for fans on August 30, 2012



1. In The Sky
2. Embryo
3. Cymbaline
4. Zabriskie Roastbeef

All  music  heard  on  this  album  played  live  or  in  THE  studio  by  Pink  Floyd.  Dissected  and  puzzled  together  by  creamcheese  in  2011/2012. 

Creative  Assistance  by  WRomanus.  


In The Sky
Organ Loop: Love Scene 1 from MQR'sZPoV
Vibes: 1 Channel of Love Scene 5 from  MQR's Zabriskie Point of View - The Complete Collection
Birds: Cirrus Minor from "More“ 2011 Remaster CD

Song: Studio Rec. from "Picnic - A Breath of Fresh Air" Vinyl restored by creamcheese & wromanus
Percussion: Nick's Boogie from original TLMALIL-EP
Playground Athmo and Seagull Guitar: "Embryo“ from „Since we were Teenagers“, Santa Monica 1970-05-01
Gong: "STCFTHOTS“ from "Since we were Teenagers“, Santa Monica 1970-05-01

Sleep Section: Amsterdam 1969-09-17
Song: Studio Recording from "More“ 2011 Remaster with Center Channel extracted and Oilcan-Echo-treated to achieve a similar effect as heard on many live recordings
Bass: "Sleep/Nightmare“ from Amsterdam 1969-09-17
Organ Improvisation Section: "Sleep/Nightmare“ from Amsterdam 1969-09-17
Foot Steps: „Cymbaline“ from "Since we were Teenagers“, Santa Monica 1970-05-01
Birds: Cirrus Minor

Zabriskie Roastbeef:
a) Heart Beat, Pig Meat
Loop: Heart Beat, Pig Meat Original Studio Recording from ATZPoV
Pictish Noises: Pink Room Corrosion from French TV 1970-12-04/05
Piano: „Sysphus“ Studio Recording from non-remastered CD.
Gong: „STCFTHOTS“ from "Since we were Teenagers“, Santa Monica 1970-05-01
b) Oenone:
Restored Oenone Studio Recording from MQR'sZPoV
Love Scene 3 Studio Recording from MQR'sZPoV
c) Cleaned, Restored and Stereoized Moonhead from "What if it's just green cheese“ 1969-07-20
d) Violent Sequence:
Piano: The Violent Sequence Studio Recording from MQR'sZPoV
Bass: The Violent Sequence Live Recording from Paris 1970-01-23
Windchimes and Gong: A Saucerful of Secrets Studio Recording from "ASOS“ 2011 Remaster CD
Organ Loop: Interstellar Overdrive: Unreleased Ummagumma Live Recording
Slide Guitars: Atom Heart Mother Quad Mix from Quad-Reel DVD-A
Ride Cymbals: "Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up“ Studio Recording from MQR'sZPoV
Percussion: Nick's Boogie from original TLMALIL-EP

This work started off as a fun project. I started to experiment with different snippets from many early Pink Floyd Songs and tried to seperate single instruments from those pieces.
The original idea was to make a LP-side long suite from Embryo.
This idea was dropped later when someone (god bless him) suggested the "Birmingham Suite“ to reconstruct as a studio recording.
Obviously the Floyd had been working on two suites at the beginning of 1970, which both contained rejected material from the Zabriskie Point sessions, one being what later became "Atom Heart Mother“, the other one being the Birmingham Suite. This second one was dropped from the setlist after a few shows because it obviously was not strong enough to become an early Floyd classic (but even more obviously became an early Floyd collectors' classic because it was played so rarely and even never was properly taped). But what could it have sounded like, if Pink Floyd had not dropped it and had recorded it in studio?

A few words on song titles: The work title of "In The Sky“ was "Vibes/Organ/Birds“. After having completed this album we at MQR thought it might be nice to rename it. "In The Sky“ sounded very nice and was kept for this reason. Absolutely no idea if Pink Floyd would have given it a similar title. In the end they didn‘t even play it that way...
We knew about the Birmingham Suite being referred to as "Halcyon Piano in Niagara Dellof“ but we didn't like that title and there is no evidence for this title being an original band idea.
So we sought after a title that referred to something to eat just as the other suite's working title "The Amazing Pudding“, that would later become the almost equally stupid titled "Atom Heart Mother“.
After a few attempts like "Zabriskie Stew“ "Zabriskie Soup“ WRomanus came up with the fantastic and inimitably stupid "Zabriskie Roastbeef“...


This is a fan-made effort for fans and should not be used by any stinky, greedy bootlegger to make money with other people‘s work.
If you like this work we at MQR urge you to buy the original album, in case you don‘t have it already. If you have it already, we recommend to buy the 2011 remaster as well, because it really sounds awesome.


Project and Artwork by creamcheese, july 2012


Available for fans on June 28, 2012


This is a fan-made release for fans and should not be used by any stinky, greedy bootlegger to make money with other people‘s work.

The aim of this work is to demonstrate how Wish You Were Here could have sounded with
- Shine On You Crazy Diamond as a single track,
- Welcome To The Machine with drums (as played in 1987-89 on the AMLOR Tour),
- a different decision about the vocals on Have A Cigar.

If you like this work we at MQR urge you to buy the original album, in case you don‘t have it already. If you have it already,
we recommend to buy the 2011 remaster as well, because it really sounds awesome.


Project and Artwork by creamcheese


Available for fans on January 31, 2012.


To be re-released into wider circulation with all new artwork sometime in 2015





Magna Qualitas Records is proud to present The Beach Boys:  SMiLE (An Ear To Ear Expansion).  Unlike }{eywood’s 2011 stereo mix, this is the mix not restrained by trying to reproduce the official release or Brian Wilson's version.  Not being limited by trying to mimic the official version allowed us to be free to use whatever we needed in whatever order to make it work, and we occasionally shuffled the parts of the modular songs around or re-edited tracks so they worked structurally better and/or used all the available parts.  This is our vision of how it should be: with different transitions, longer songs, and entirely new songs added in.  The running order still follows basically the same order as the official version because it’s a concept album, however vague the concept seems to be.  Apparently Brian envisioned this as a description of a bicycle rider’s journey across the USA beginning at Plymouth Rock and traveling across the continent to California, and eventually Hawaii.  It includes his reflections on the nation’s history including the white man's conquering of the Indians, the building of the railroad, the agricultural development of the heartland, the great Chicago Fire, and ends with the purchase of Hawaii.  Unfortunately all the vocals were never completed, so a lot of lyrics that would likely have clarified this concept are not present.  Even so, the running order is, for the most part, predetermined by the story line.  We have, however, made songs longer and added new songs and transitions, adding a plot thread to the concept by having the rider pursuing the woman he loves (who is mentioned in the beginning verse of Heroes & Villains), and who has a head start on him.  He leaves from Plymouth Rock because he can't be without her (Can't Wait Too Long).  After years of travel that has him pass through the locations of many historical events he finally meets up with her (He Gives Speeches, With Me Tonight) and they journey across the ocean to build a place (a Little Pad) in Hawaii.  We've used nearly every piece of music that we could figure out how to from the 2011 SMiLE Sessions box set, as well as an incredible wealth of other things that weren't on there as well.  We even grabbed a couple of parts of the remade versions The Beach Boys released on later albums, since those tracks were originally envisioned to be on this record, and even used a few little pieces from Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE.  It’s all in quality that's officially releasable; no bootleggy sounding crusty old hissy tapes.  And its all in GLORIOUS STEREO, achieved in whatever manner we could come up with, unlike the box set version.  The entire CD clocks in at 79:48 (if you use all the alternates it unfortunately runs about a minute and a half too long to fit on a CD, but if you don’t use the extended Cool, Cool Water it will run 79:46.  This is OK because that version was never really meant for the final running order).  We even managed to make it break up into four album sides for those of you who would like to imagine it being on vinyl: Side 1 is 22:19, side 2 is 19:54, side 3 is 18:52, and side 4 is 18:09.  By the way, if anyone out there decides they want to have it pressed be our guest, just send us a couple of copies.


Although the vast majority of this was created by }{eywood, some of this work was done by previous SMiLE mixologists because we judged their work to be of the highest quality.  Occasionally some of it appears here, as we felt it was unnecessary to attempt to reproduce it.  There are some very talented people out there who have invested their skills and time into making their visions of SMiLE, and they had many clever ideas that influenced this work.  When }{eywood created the mixes himself he often used their versions for reference, so even in places where their work doesn't actually appear it was still quite useful, and greatly influential.  We thank all of you for the time and thought you put into your works and hope you don't mind our borrowing from them for this one. 


Sources used for this were Mok's SMiLE, A Reconstruction by Purple Chick, Archaeology, Unsurpassed Masters 16 & 17, Zach's, Odeon Original, JMZ Mix, The Old Master Painter mix, Beach Boys & Paul McCartney - Vega-Tables, the 2011 SMiLE Sessions box set, the Endless Harmony DVD, and the 1994 Good Vibrations box set.  Pieces were also taken from the stereo mixes of Smiley Smile (a fan edit), Wild Honey (Japanese Pastmaster Series), Friends (Japanese Pastmaster Series), Surf's Up (Japanese Pastmaster Series), and Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE.  Software used for this included Adobe Audition, Izotope Rx, Waves plugin bundle, Acon Studio Clean, DyVision Reverb Remover, NuGen Stereoizer, and maybe a couple of other plugins that we forget (or don’t want to tell; we need to have some in-house secrets ;-))


Although this album is released on MQR, a team label, this project was entirely done by }{eywood.  It came out in such good quality and is considered historically important enough to deserve release on our label, plus we feel that it is destined to become the definitive version, surpassing Purple Chick's release as the "if you only have one version of SMiLE this is the one to have" version.  Also, since it meets MQR's high standards and uses only the highest quality sources, we are proud to release it under our moniker.  WRomanus altered and/or created the artwork, thereby making it a team effort. 


We are very interested in people's opinions about this release.  This project took nearly three months of work, many long days and nights of meticulous editing (plus many revisions over the following weeks as }{eywood nitpicked the work) to get to the point where it was worthy of MQR’s standards.  To give feedback directly to the makers, please contact }{eywood directly at music_fixer_remixer@yahoo.com.  He'll gladly discuss this new obsession of his with you in detail.  No spam, please.  It doesn't go well with our vega-tables.


This is a fan-made effort for fans and should not be used by any stinky, greedy bootlegger to make money with other people‘s work.
If you like this work we at MQR urge you to buy the original album, in case you don‘t have it already. And buy all the Beach Boys albums. They're a cultural icon.